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greenluxe conducts one day sustainability strategy workshops.

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Green Luxe understands the power of turning the traveler into a conservationist– directly to your bottom line.

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Follow us as we travel to exotic destinations, discovering innovative ways to protect the ocean and surrounding biodiversity.

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At greenluxe, we believe sustainable tourism is the solution to help solve some of the many pressing environmental issues of our time while simultaneously increasing an organization’s competitive advantage. We are on a mission to help hospitality organizations worldwide make the successful transition towards environmental sustainability. We understand creating sustainable initiatives is not enough; embedding a culture of sustainable tourism is what is necessary. Our work has proven to result in not only a reduction of overhead costs and an influx of eco-minded travelers, it also can influence and inspire travelers to protect our planet through their travel experiences and beyond. With our help, you can drive more eco-friendly travelers to your business and build an environmentally conscious brand reputation.

Calculate your travel carbon footprint

Turning the traveler into a conservationist.

Turning the traveler into a conservationist is our mission at greenluxe. Take the first step of becoming a conscious traveler and calculate your travel footprint, then offset it! Congrats you are on your way to helping protect the places you love to visit!

Amy Wald

Founder of Green Luxe

As a renowned speaker and leading expert in Sustainable Hospitality, Amy Wald can connect, motivate, and educate an organization that is proven to be the foundation for a new sustainability endeavor. Learn more about her journey and what drives her passion for helping an organization like yours make the successful transition to capture the eco traveler.

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Follow us as we travel to places far and wide to discover how fellow conservationists develop innovative ways to protect our oceans and surrounding biodiversity.

How GreenLuxe Was Born

A new way to travel Hi – I’m Amy, founder and president of GreenLuxe, and I am obsessed with everything travel and how to protect it. It all started from a young age. I can vividly remember loving EVERYTHING about driving to Florida with my family when I was little....

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Dominica’s Best Quarantine Secret

Dominica’s Best Quarantine Secret

Before it was a global mandate, Secret Bay was all about seclusion and safety due to the values the property was built on back in June 2011. Their “Stay Well Certified” program is built on three principles: green and clean practices, nutrition-based vitality and...

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