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Before it was a global mandate, Secret Bay was all about seclusion and safety due to the values the property was built on back in June 2011. Their “Stay Well Certified” program is built on three principles: green and clean practices, nutrition-based vitality and Dominica’s healing biodiversity. Sounds like an interim vaccine to me? In recent months we have all become more familiar with the importance of healthy surroundings, nutrition and overall well being. Which is what makes Secret Bay the perfect place to escape your everyday quarantine life and try infuse a little “normalcy”.

The Dominican government is requiring “On-island, visitors are required to stay at a certified ‘Safe in Nature’ property” and luckily Secret Bay is deemed one of those properties! There is plenty of seclusion, nature, adventure, and ocean surrounding the property and yet still maintains the ability to arrange land and safe approved ‘Safe in Nature’ experiences”. Which will comprise of only you and your guide, whom will take all the precautions necessary to stay safe and virus free.

To say Secret Bay lives up to its name is an understatement. If you are seeking respite, solitude, inspiration and a high level of hospitality? Start planning a trip to Secret Bay! Not to mention, the perfect getaway to maintain proper social distancing. Dominica as an island, is rated “top 15 Covid-19 recovering countries” boasting a 100% recovery rate.

The Villas are nestled in an unspoiled rainforest where you will hear whispers of the ocean around every corner and the songs of hundreds of different birds like background music. Secret Bay is poised at making sure your every need is answered – almost as if they can read your mind. Where other luxury hotels pride themselves on “obvious” service, Secret Bay doesn’t need to remind you that any desire can be fulfilled. The open-air villas are completely secluded and with just a quick text or phone call your dedicated 24 hour villa host can be there with your request. Your villa is pre-stocked with requests before arrival and replenished when necessary. Ensuring whatever your daily activities include, you will never need to venture far for your necessities.

Above: Our Ylang Ylang II Villa
Above: Walkway to our villa
Above: Deck and kitchen area in villa
Above: villa plunge pool
Above: breakfast fixed by our villa host Megan

Aside from the amenties, spectacular location and service –what is truly special about Secret Bay is the way Dominicans care for their surroundings. Secret Bay has acquired the very rigorous and comprehensive Green Globe certification that certifies zero plastic waste, sustainable building materials, renewable energy and sources local, healthy and delicious food. There is an heir of knowing that the location is special because of Mother Nature’s bounty and therefore it must be looked after. Just the fact a place like this exists, makes it luxurious! Everywhere you look is evidence of a healthy ecosystem. Small creatures run everywhere, tropical flowers and plants in bloom and every kind of fruit tree awaits for your discovery.

Above: Secret Beach located at the resort

The people of Dominica are warm, happy and proud of where they are from. An island that has had many hardships of late: Hurricane Maria, tropical Storm Erika and now Covid. But you wouldn’t know it. Resilience is something that they breathe.

I think the past year has shown us just how much of a luxury travel in itself can be; and when it is as sexy as Secret Bay—you know you are on to something! Why not support a community that needs the economic boost, and is so grateful to have you– all while guaranteeing to keep you safe and worry free.

Safe and Happy Travels ..and remember, nature is the new luxury!

This property has been Green LUXE certified!